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10 Reasons You Need IP CCTV for Business

Posted on by caughtoncamera

This month with Caught On Camera Ltd, we will be discussing the 10 reasons why you need internet protocol CCTV for the good of your business. CCTV for Business Let’s face it, all businesses should be equipped even with the most basic of security because it protects your livelihood and others’. This being said, a … Continue reading

Smartphone Surveillance for Businesses

Posted on by caughtoncamera

This month with Caught On Camera Ltd we will be explaining wireless security camera systems for business. Specifically: what remote monitoring is, what it does and the benefits of using it with your smartphone. Remote Monitoring With remote monitoring all you have to do is hook your CCTV up to the WiFi, that’ll be running … Continue reading

Business Security 101: How to Protect your Business

Posted on by caughtoncamera

This month with Caught On Camera, we will be discussing the ways you can protect your business. Ensure tight security, the safety of you and your staff and the protection of important customer data from hackers with a few simple procedures. Importance of Security Every business will understand that technology is used every single day, … Continue reading

Hikvision CCTV Cameras: Everything You Need To Know

Posted on by caughtoncamera

As the one of the world’s leading suppliers of video surveillance equipment, Hikvision are at the forefront of the CCTV technology industry. Their innovative approach to creating surveillance products has made them a key feature of many types of premises, including retail, finance, education, government and residential. And with this high quality technology becoming more … Continue reading

Home Security 101: How to Protect Your Home

Posted on by caughtoncamera

Gone are the days when security technology was only found on commercial premises, or in the homes of the wealthy. These days, security systems are becoming more affordable for everybody. This means that any homeowner can benefit from boosting their home security using dependable systems.   In addition to technology, there are a few other … Continue reading

CCTV Remote Surveillance Guide Part 2: Benefits of Remote Monitoring

Posted on by caughtoncamera

Remote monitoring is a huge advancement on the standard CCTV systems, offering round-the-clock reliability and protection. In last month’s article we explained the remote surveillance process, step by step.   Signs of activity are picked up by the CCTV system and sent via the internet to the screen of a security professional, who can then … Continue reading

CCTV Remote Surveillance Guide Part 1: What is Remote Monitoring?

Posted on by caughtoncamera

Are you worried about the security of your premises after hours? Are you wanting to make the most out of your CCTV system? Remote monitoring may be the solution you’re searching for.   This surveillance method sends the images from your cameras to remote monitoring stations that are full of professionals dedicated to detecting suspicious … Continue reading

What are the best locations for home security cameras?

Posted on by caughtoncamera

So you’ve got some CCTV cameras, but what are the best locations for home security cameras? The security of your home cannot be compromised, and nor can your family’s safety. Both of these elements can be protected by strategically placed security cameras in and around your property, acting as a deterrent for would-be thieves as … Continue reading

The Importance of CCTV Maintenance

Posted on by caughtoncamera

No premises is completely invulnerable to criminal activity, and therefore a crucial element that all business should invest in is an effective CCTV system. These networks of cameras protect the commercial safety of your buildings and the personal safety of your employees, both of which are invaluable to an employer. CCTV Maintenance Procedure However, it’s … Continue reading

5 Ways to Improve Your Business’s Security

Posted on by caughtoncamera

Thefts are a huge concern to business owners from all fields and sizes, and the aftermath of a robbery can be hugely detrimental to your profits, and your staff’s confidence in the workplace.   Keeping your premises secure should be the number one priority for businesses large and small, but statistically speaking, it is the … Continue reading