Business Security 101: How to Protect your Business

This month with Caught On Camera, we will be discussing the ways you can protect your business. Ensure tight security, the safety of you and your staff and the protection of important customer data from hackers with a few simple procedures.

Importance of Security

Every business will understand that technology is used every single day, as it’s a reliable way to converse with customers without all the leg work. However, your data holds extremely sensitive information including: bank details, medical data, National Insurance Numbers, addresses and goodness knows what else! It’s important security keeps this locked down because when you retain this personal information, you are obligated to keep it safe.

How to Secure Online

Most businesses won’t be able afford a whole IT/Database team and realistically most companies won’t need it. It’s possible to keep your information safe without forking out a load of money for someone to be there around the clock.

A simple procedure is to ensure your passwords are strong, you should always incorporate numbers, letters and symbols. Having a strong password will make it much more difficult for hackers. Although it may be hard to remember, you should never write it down or save it onto your computer; this makes the whole process instantly obsolete.

Change the default settings on all equipment to protect your business from Malware, this can be done by setting up secure Internet Browsing options. You should be using HTTP connection when you’re connected to the Internet and HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) when you’re implementing personal details. You may also see a green lock that appears with the word ‘Secure’ beside it – this means your connection is safe.

Natural disasters

You should always be prepared for the worst, as unexpected things can happen. Complete an emergency risk assessment and organise the actions that need to be taken, should anything happen. This will put your mind at ease if anything does arise, as you will incur much less downtime and loss of business during this period. Keep all your documents backed up on another hard drive, stored elsewhere to ensure you have a safeguard.

Your building

Don’t let your building look vulnerable, you can’t have eyes on the building at all times but a surveillance system can. Kit out your property with an alarm and monitoring system, this’ll unnerve intruders and your business should not be a victim to break ins.

The majority of buildings today will contain expensive gear that can be enticing for the act of crime. There’s something to be said about lights, camera, action – adding things such as lighting, motion detection lights are like having a spotlight on the intruder and they will instantly feel out in the open with all eyes on them. Cameras, especially night vision cameras can work wonders and catch the culprit in the act. Video footage is ideal when you’ve had a break in, not only is it more likely that they will be caught on camera but you can observe the weak spots around your property and where the action occurs.

You should also invest in reinforced doors and windows to help defend against attacks, making it an incredibly harder task for someone attempting to break the glass fronts. Heavy duty locks are also ideal to ensure that the usual tools used for burglary won’t break it.

Put a stop to internal theft

No matter how well you think you know someone, there’s always a chance that something could be going on. Although we’d like to think we trust our employees, it’s important to you and your business that you organise regular inventories of all equipment annually. It’s vital that the inventory isn’t controlled by one single person, especially when it comes to accounts. Have an outside accountant check what cash has come in and out of the company.

Monitor your media

Nowadays it’s not unusual to have a hacker attempt to break into your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc accounts – so it’s important to monitor your media on a regular basis. Even if you haven’t got an account, people can steal your identity and set up a page to ruin your company’s reputation. If you do have an account you should make sure you’re knowledgeable with their privacy settings and security, it’s encouraged to change your password every month or so. This can be switched between two strong combinations.

Caught On Camera hope that we have helped you to understand what can go wrong when there’s a lack of security. Although this may sound somewhat daunting, it’s important to implement a good security system to reduce the chance of anything bad happening to your staff, property and it’s contents. If you would like anymore information regarding your security systems or would like advice on what’s best for you, please get in touch today and an expert will get right on the case!