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CCTV Cloud Storage - Caught on Camera

CCTV cloud storage is a new service that provides commercial and domestic customers with a variety of secure online document storage options. It’s a comprehensive programme that enables users to stay compliant with laws and regulations and simplifies the process of retrieving video information, making it a time saving management scheme for many. Today our experts are here to offer a brief explanation of the different levels of CCTV cloud storage – so you can start benefiting from a time saving, tailored and affordable service.  

How does the CCTV Cloud work?
CCTV cloud storage uses the internet to keep all of your cameras recorded data in one place and off-site, so that it’s safe, secure and easy to find. The date and time will be automatically logged and you will be able to access the cloud server in order to: view, fast forward, rewind, delete or download the content your IP camera has recorded – as long as you have a network and a device (phone, laptop or tablet) you can login to your account and access the cloud.

How do I login to IP camera cloud storage?

  • Create an account
  • Pair your cameras with the cloud storage app
  • In your settings, change the options to ‘automatic’ to ensure information is backed up onto the cloud

Why choose IP camera cloud storage?
From free, basic plans such as 7 day’ retention to an agreed number of gigabytes – you can have recordings forever or for as long as you require them. Whether you record wildlife outside your home or monitor your shop front, you can retain footage for as long as you need it or have it scheduled to be deleted after a certain period of time.

Having access to your video recordings away from your home or business means that the data is better protected. Back in the day when you had recordings on tapes inside your property, it was much less secure. If a fire were to break out or someone where to break in, there’s a chance your footage would be lost or damaged forever.

Even if you require more cloud storage than a free package allows, it’s still much cheaper in the long run and much more secure. In the event of a break in your backed up video footage would be used to gain information, retrieve stolen property and help with any insurance purposes.



  • Weekly backup options


  • Monthly backup options


  • Unlimited backup options

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