CCTV Remote Surveillance Guide Part 2: Benefits of Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is a huge advancement on the standard CCTV systems, offering round-the-clock reliability and protection. In last month’s article we explained the remote surveillance process, step by step.


Signs of activity are picked up by the CCTV system and sent via the internet to the screen of a security professional, who can then manipulate the camera to get the best footage, communicate with the intruder, and alert the police. These systems are fantastic pieces of security equipment, ideal for both commercial premises and domestic properties. In this month’s part 2 of our remote surveillance guide, we will be examining the benefits of remote monitoring.

6 Benefits of Remote Monitoring

There are many benefits of installing a remote monitoring surveillance system at your home or business premises. Here at Caught on Camera, we have put together this list of the top 6 reasons you should consider CCTV remote surveillance:

1. Cost effective

Eliminate the need for an on-site guard (and their salary) by instead setting up a remote monitoring system. While a guard would have to be present for many hours to be effective, a remote CCTV system can keep tabs on your premises without the need for a physical presence. This system will be alerted to any signs of movement, allowing a professional at a monitoring centre to take action, saving you money in the long run.

2. Proactive and responsive

Whilst other security systems may be slow to react to an intrusion or break-in, a remote monitoring system is a quick technique that can alert the emergency services within minutes of detecting suspicious movements or activities. This rapid response time gives it an edge over other techniques, and boosts the likelihood of the criminals being apprehended.

3. Reassurance

Remote monitoring gives you peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that the security of your home or premises is in the hands of professionals 24/7. The staff at remote monitoring centres are well-trained in reading, responding and controlling the CCTV equipment.

4. Deters criminals

Often, even the mere presence of a security camera is enough to make potential intruders think twice about entering your property. To enhance this benefit, remote monitoring systems also have the ability to communicate directly with the would-be criminals over a loudspeaker, which is also an effective deterrent.

5. Increased reliability

Because the cameras of remote monitoring systems are able to be controlled by personnel at a remote monitoring centre, this increases the reliability of the images. In the event of a break-in, the staff are able to adjust the zoom and the cameras’ positions to get the best footage possible. This leaves you with clear visual evidence of the intruder’s presence, which can also make identification easier.

6. Convenience

A big benefit of these systems is their flexibility, allowing the footage to be viewed from afar. All you require is a healthy internet connection to access the footage of your remote surveillance system, making this method incredibly convenient.

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