Smartphone Surveillance for Businesses

This month with Caught On Camera Ltd we will be explaining wireless security camera systems for business. Specifically: what remote monitoring is, what it does and the benefits of using it with your smartphone.

wireless security camera systems for business

Remote Monitoring

With remote monitoring all you have to do is hook your CCTV up to the WiFi, that’ll be running all day, everyday. This device is advantageous to all because you will be alerted if the alarm has been tripped, you can then check your cameras to look out for any activity of possible intruders.

If you do see activity on the cameras, you have the ability to communicate with them using the speakerphone or alternatively, ring emergency services.

Remote monitoring will give you time to:

  • Call your security team to consider what to do
  • Speak clearly to the intruders via loudspeaker built into your monitoring system – this might encourage them to vacate the area
  • Call 999

Cost Efficient

Before technology advancements, it was common for businesses to employ security for shift work in order to watch the CCTV. However this is a thing of the past and need not be another expense, with CCTV available wherever you go, the company’s outgoings will be reduced significantly.


In this modern day and age we’re all connected to our pocket-sized mobile devices. This is why Internet Protocol or ‘IP’ security is fast becoming the most used product for numerous businesses and homes. For those who worry about the safety of their businesses, this helps to put your mind at ease, whether you’re having the day off or you’re away on holiday for an extended period of time.

Smartphone surveillance gives you the power wherever you are, so you can always ensure the safety of your staff and building. Should you wish to check the CCTV footage whilst you’re away, this will only take seconds, instead of a phone call that could take more time, cost more and could lead to broken communication.

Personal Safety

Before IP surveillance, if your alarm was triggered you would make your way to the building to see what the problem was. We’ve all been a victim to a false alarm before due to the motion of a spider or an object that’s slipped off a desk, so most of us would go inside the building to turn off the alarm without any thought; but what if it isn’t a false alarm?

It’s all well and good hearing an alarm but what you really want to know is – what’s going on? Don’t put yourself or others at risk, check your cameras and call for help.

Why you should choose Apollo Smartphone App – CCTV Remote Surveillance

  • High definition CCTV
  • View anywhere with full remote access (Ideal for those that travel a lot)
  • Use your smartphone to access your cameras
  • Live viewing
  • Increased safety
  • Speakerphone to talk to the intruders
  • Constant watch is no longer needed

Wireless Security Camera Systems for Business

Here with Caught On Camera Ltd, we offer wireless security camera systems for business and top security to ensure residential and commercial properties are kept safe along with the people that occupy them too. Over the last 30 years our team of security professionals have worked their way to being the South East’s most prominent and major suppliers, providing only the best of technology and fittings.

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