Case Studies

Richard Marks-Newgate St, Cuffley- April 2019

Private residential CCTV Install for large property – multiple cameras to two NVR recording devices, linking all existing & new cameras to enable cleint to have total view of all property & grounds.

Lou Cook & Chris Ottaway -Epping- April 2019

Private residential CCTV install cameras & monitored unit to protect property.

Roger Mears -Baddow House- Great Dunmow- March 2019

Gate CCTV Cameras to see who is arriving at the gate- including number plate recognition system for smartphones – all residents to gain camera view.

Naybur Brothers- Daniel Barrell-February 2019

Installed 11 cameras around Landscape & builders merchants yard, including pole mounted Cameras, Number plate recognition, & wireless nano-beams to bounce the signal back to flat screen DVR control unit. Enables business to see what their customers are loading into their vehicles for security.

Betchworth Park Golf Club – January 2019

Large CCTV install over 2 days cameras within the golf club, 1 large 32” screen and 3 other 19” screens around Golf shop, function rooms, Bar area and Carparks. Managers fot eh club can all view the footage on their devices as well as saved footage on Network Video Recorder Units Using IP cameras.

St.Albans, Hertfordshire – Nov 2018

St.Albans, Hertfordshire, Nov 2018

Installed new IP HD CCTV Cameras and monitoring equipment for Detached property

In this day and age with the recent spike in reported and unreported crime you will not be surprised to hear we have many requests to install CTV on community housing developments both on local authority and private developments.

One such site is Belverdere Gardens in the St Albans area, where after a spate of break ins and attempted break ins, car thefts and vandalism we were approached to help remedy their issue. We put forward a proposal of covering various vulnerable parts of the estate with CCTV camera’s including a Number plate reading camera ANPR at the main entrance. This brought many issues as the estate is built in spate blocks and we had to work within a specified budget and within a brief of causing minimum fuss or inconvenience, like laying cables and the related ground works involved.

We came up with a solution of installing HD cameras with Infrared night vision and linking them back to one main central position. Using very reliable high speed WiFi bridge network transmission. This enabled all the various vulnerable areas to be covered with minimal fuss or disruption. The client now has access to all areas. The can use mobile devices, IPhone view their CCTV from the comfort of the arm chair or any location worldwide. The effect of CCTV being installed on this site has dramatically reduced level of crime that was taking place and has given owners and residents peace of mind.

Andrews Field Aviation Aerodrome-Great Dunmow-May 2018

May 2018-Installation of 6 IP cameras. Wireless nano beams, flat screen monitor and 16 channel DVR Hybrid system to link up existing analogue cameras and the new IP cameras around the Aerodrome & Buildings.

Royal Veterinary College London-Aug 2017

Large Technical work over several rooms all linked for the college to view operations within surgery – using NVR & DVR technology combined Cameras ( including Isolation unit, & Recovery room & main operating theaters- to enable monitoring of the rooms and operations for training purposes). Equine Referral hospital Hatfield also had CCTV cameras installed to also monitor the operations.