Case Studies


There’s nothing more important than protecting your home and your family.

This client had just bought a really lovely house in a very rural area of Essex and wanted to ensure that their property and possessions could be monitored.

It’s extremely dark around the property at night time and they were worried that the darkness might mask any activity that cameras could pick up, but we suggested using very high resolution cameras with powerful Infra Red night vision, to provide a great solution to their issue.

This has made sure that the client feel safe and that their property and possessions are now well protected.

Danegrove Primary School, Barnet

Danegrove School in East Barnet is a Primary School spread over two sites.

They wanted CCTV set up to be able to keep an eye on the site from a central location in order to ensure better safety for pupils, the adults around them and the site overall.

We set up external CCTV cameras overlooking the entrance to the site which would monitor activity and record images which could be accessed if required.

This was an interesting job for us to carry out as there was nothing to “fix” our equipment to, so we had to use a stand alone pole, set in concrete which we ran the cabling up.. We also mounted the cameras, and added security spikes. The school can now feel secure in the knowledge that their sites are being monitored.

Do you know of a school who would like to make their site safer by adding CCTV?


Here’s an installation for a communal lobby entrance area of a residential apartment block in Ladbroke Grove.

We had a request from the property management company to install CCTV cameras as unfortunately there had been a spate of unwanted visitors gaining access to the block. As a result, items had gone missing and damage had been caused internally and so the block owners wanted to deter this anti-social behaviour and ensure that their residents living accommodation remained as safe as possible.

The residents now have a high-quality CCTV camera facing directly at the main door, and a record can now be kept of all who enter the building. This will serve as a major deterrent and keep those wishing to display undesirable behaviours away.

If you know of any residential blocks which would benefit from CCTV installation then please do get in touch as we’re always happy to have a conversation.


We recently carried out a full upgrade on this home from standard HD cameras to the latest super HD 5MP Color-Vu cameras on this 3-bed semi-detached house in Epping. They can all produce fantastic colour images 24 hours a day even with no lighting.

One of the cameras down the side access pathway to the gate has a PIR detector built in which can be scheduled to set off a siren and/or flashing red/blue lights.

As well as capturing intruders on camera, the lights and sounds from the in-built passive infra-red sensor also act as an excellent deterrent, meaning that if someone is trespassing, they are likely to leave your property pretty promptly once they set off the camera.

We have never had such an excellent deterrent based camera in all the 24 years that we have been installing CCTV systems. Our customer was very impressed with their Color-Vu Camera set-up.


Here’s one of the ways that we’re assisting the Sainsbury’s Theatre in London get back up and running and reopen their doors to the public.

The theatre hosts performances by students from London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) and the Royal Academy of Music (RAM) plus many other arts events throughout the year and so for them, it’s essential to be able to operate temperature checks and to be able to monitor who is coming in and out of the building.

We set them up with a smart CCTV system with built in temperature sensors to try and help them pro-actively identify anyone in their building who could be at risk of having contracted the virus.

In the video you can see how the thermal imaging captures someone’s body temperature and the staff behind the desk are able to see what is being relayed on the cameras in the lobby also.

This automation will hopefully act as an effective form of defence to help protect staff and other patrons using the theatre.

We’re happy to talk to anyone running buildings with a high footfall as we’d love to help you come up with a plan for how CCTV and thermal imaging can help you to keep your workplace safe.

Residential Property – Royston, Herts

We love helping to make our customer’s homes safe and giving them peace of mind and reassurance.

We recently fitted CCTV at this residential property in Royston.

Our clients wanted to make sure that the front, side access and rear of their semi-detached property was covered completely with CCTV.

We fitted our popular color-vu cameras all around, and they now have amazing coverage throughout the property, ensuring that they can now see what’s going on outside the property, from their tablet, phone or smart device.

Residential Property, Southgate, North London

Here’s a tricky job we carried out in a lovely house in Southgate recently.

The client wanted cameras put up on the outside of the front, back and side of the house, but was very concerned about cables showing. So, our brilliant team put a lot of thought, effort and creativity into making it look fantastic.

The results were awesome and the client was over the moon.

This is a job that we would be happy to take prospective customers to see over and over again, as it really shows the quality of our workmanship.

Richard Marks-Newgate St, Cuffley- April 2019

Private residential CCTV Install for large property – multiple cameras to two NVR recording devices, linking all existing & new cameras to enable cleint to have total view of all property & grounds.

Lou Cook & Chris Ottaway -Epping- April 2019

Private residential CCTV install cameras & monitored unit to protect property.

Roger Mears -Baddow House- Great Dunmow- March 2019

Gate CCTV Cameras to see who is arriving at the gate- including number plate recognition system for smartphones – all residents to gain camera view.