Case Studies

Grosvenor Waterside Development

  • Restaurant CCTV system installation in Grosvenor Waterside Development London
  • Hikvision CCTV system
  • Returning customer
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It’s always very satisfying when a client who has used you previously comes back to you, as it reassures us that our clients are always happy with the work we have done before.

This time around, the client is opening a super chic restaurant in the beautiful Grosvenor Waterside Development by Chelsea Bridge and so they asked us to design a CCTV Security System fit for purpose.

During the installation, our expert team had to battle with a pre-installed ceiling which proved very difficult, but we managed as always to carry out a 1st class installation with all cables concealed and we have a very happy customer once again.

We’re always happy to put you in touch with our customers who can tell you about how they found our service, so if you’re looking for CCTV Installation and you want some expert help, then please give us a call.

Equestrian Stables

  • Domestic Private Property CCTV Installation
  • Outbuilding CCTV installation
  • Remote monitoring CCTV connected to mobile devices
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We recently installed a CCTV monitoring system at this Equestrian Stables situated at a local private property.

The owners wanted to be able to monitor the stables and their beautiful animals from inside their residence and also wanted to be able to keep a check on who was coming and going from the property.

We installed a state of the art systems around the property which connect to their mobile devices, meaning that they can access the cameras on the go and can also be alerted if concerns arise.

Do you have stables or outbuildings on your property? Are they housing valuable items?

We’d love to help you to protect what you value most so contact us today for a no obligation quote.

Georgian Terraced House

  • Domestic CCTV Installation
  • Hikvision IP Colour-Vu CCTV Camera
  • Recorder unit connection
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A beautifully presented Georgian terraced house is always a challenge when it comes to getting cables installed…you’d think!!!

Well, not when the team from Caught on Camera use their experience and skill to get cameras installed, cables run and connected to the recorder units with no visible cable on show whatsoever.

Another great job where the client in Chiswick was as pleased with the installation work as the actual 4MP IP Color-Vu system that we installed. An all-round top job and the client, whose home is situated on a busy residential street, now feel safer knowing that their home will be monitored when they aren’t around.

We’ve all been spending lots of time in our homes. If you are now wary about leaving it unoccupied during the day and want the peace of mind that a CCTV system can provide then we’d love for you to get in touch!

Multi Business Industrial Estate: Greenford

  • Bespoke CCTV system design
  • Hikvision Colour-Vu and ANPR Cameras CCTV installations
  • Wi-fi connected for remote access via mobile devices
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Our existing clients Polybags in Greenford, who are based on an industrial estate along with 9 separate businesses put us forward, as they were experiencing a number of problems on the estate.

They were getting a lot of joy riders and unwanted late night transactions amongst other things.

We worked with our clients to learn in detail about the issues and exactly where the problems were taking place, before designing a CCTV solution to their specifications, that will help stop unwanted visitors from entering the site.

We used a combination of HIKVISON’s color-vu and ANPR cameras, along with wi-fi technology to link up the site wirelessly, with a total of 10 cameras fixed to numerous lampposts and remote locations.

The main system is housed in one of the businesses and is connected to broadband so that all 9 businesses on site have equal remote access to the system and they can all check exactly what’s happened and when simply by using a PC, laptop or mobile device.

The system offers a high visual deterrent and as a company, we are exceptionally pleased that this system went in, fully installed in just three days.

This is a great example of the larger jobs that we can take on, where the whole system has been designed by Caught on Camera and where a larger site is being covered.

Is your business on an industrial estate or site which is experiencing security problems and where CCTV could help? Contact us today and let’s talk about how we could help!


Grade Two listed salon – Amersham

  • Meticulous installation due to building listing regulations
  • Out of business hours installation
  • Hikvision Camera


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The salon is in a limited space and due to social distancing measures at the time we had to complete the work out of hours so that we didn’t interfere with the working day.

Matty and Adam came in at 6am to start work and taking into consideration the age of the building, we carefully installed CCTV cameras for them, finishing the job around 10am just as their first customers were starting to arrive. This job is a brilliant example of the neat and tidy work that we carry out. Not a stray cable in site!

Our Clients were delighted with the finished result. Their customers were equally impressed and even asked the lads for their business cards for work they were considering having carried out. We’re very proud that Matty and Adam did such a great job!

Would you like to keep your business, staff and clients safe and protected? If you are considering CCTV installation for any reason then we’d love to chat through the different options with you. Get in touch today!

Residential Installation – Essex

  • Rural area CCTV installation
  • Hikvision Pan Tilt and Zoom Camera
  • High Definition Resolution with Infra Red night vision
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There’s nothing more important than protecting your home and your family.

This client had just bought a really lovely house in a very rural area of Essex and wanted to ensure that their property and possessions could be monitored.

It’s extremely dark around the property at night time and they were worried that the darkness might mask any activity that cameras could pick up, but we suggested using very high-resolution cameras with powerful Infra Red night vision, to provide a great solution to their issue.

This has made sure that the client feels safe and that their property and possessions are now well protected.

Get in touch with us today to discuss the options available to protect your home!

Danegrove Primary School – Barnet

  • Multi-site installation
  • Stand alone pole installation
  • Dome and Bullet camera installations
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Danegrove School in East Barnet is a Primary School spread over two sites.

They wanted CCTV set up to be able to keep an eye on the site from a central location in order to ensure better safety for pupils, the adults around them and the site overall.

We set up external CCTV cameras overlooking the entrance to the site which would monitor activity and record images which could be accessed if required.

This was an interesting job for us to carry out as there was nothing to “fix” our equipment to, so we had to use a stand alone pole, set in concrete which we ran the cabling up. We also mounted the cameras and added security spikes. The school can now feel secure in the knowledge that its sites are being monitored.

Get in touch with us today!

Apartment Block – Ladbroke Grove

  • Commercial CCTV installation
  • Hikvision Dome Camera
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Here’s an installation for a communal lobby entrance area of a residential apartment block in Ladbroke Grove.

We had a request from the property management company to install CCTV cameras as unfortunately there had been a spate of unwanted visitors gaining access to the block.

As a result, items had gone missing and damage had been caused internally and so the block owners wanted to deter this anti-social behaviour and ensure that their residents living accommodation remained as safe as possible.

The residents now have a high-quality CCTV camera facing directly at the main door, and a record can now be kept of all who enter the building. This will serve as a major deterrent and keep those wishing to display undesirable behaviours away.

If you know of any residential blocks which would benefit from CCTV installation then please get in touch as we’re always happy to have a conversation.

Home CCTV Installation – Epping

  • Domestic CCTV system installation
  • Hikvision super HD Hikvision Colour-Vu Infra Red cameras
  • PIR detector
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We recently carried out a full upgrade on this home from standard HD cameras to the latest super HD 5MP Color-Vu cameras on this 3-bed semi-detached house in Epping. They can all produce fantastic colour images 24 hours a day even with no lighting.

One of the cameras down the side access pathway to the gate has a PIR detector built in which can be scheduled to set off a siren and/or flashing red/blue lights.

As well as capturing intruders on camera, the lights and sounds from the in-built passive infra-red sensor also act as an excellent deterrent, meaning that if someone is trespassing, they are likely to leave your property pretty promptly once they set off the camera.

We have never had such an excellent deterrent based camera in all the 24 years that we have been installing CCTV systems. Our customer was very impressed with their Color-Vu Camera set-up.

Home CCTV System Installation – Royston, Hertfordshire

  • Residential CCTV Installation
  • Hikvision Colour-Vu Camera
  • Remote monitoring via mobile devices
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Our clients wanted to make sure that the front, side access and rear of their semi-detached property was covered completely with CCTV.

We fitted our popular color-vu cameras all around, and they now have amazing coverage throughout the property, ensuring that they can now see what’s going on outside the property, from their tablet, phone or smart device.

Residential Property – Southgate North London

  • Residential CCTV Installation
  • Hidden cables
  • Hikvision Dome Camera
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Here’s a tricky job we carried out in a lovely house in Southgate recently.

The client wanted cameras put up on the outside of the front, back and side of the house, but was very concerned about cables showing. So, our brilliant team put a lot of thought, effort and creativity into making it look fantastic.

The results were awesome and the client was over the moon.

This is a job that we would be happy to take prospective customers to see over and over again, as it really shows the quality of our workmanship.

Baddow House – Essex

  • Commercial CCTV installation
  • ANPR Camera capability
  • Remote monitoring via mobile devices
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Gate CCTV Cameras to see who is arriving at the gate- including number plate recognition system for smartphones – all residents to gain camera view.

Home CCTV Installation – St.Albans, Hertfordshire

  • Domestic CCTV Installation
  • IP HD CCTV Cameras with Infra Red night vision
  • Remote Monitoring Capability


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After a spate of break ins and attempted break ins, car thefts and vandalism we were approached to by a resident of a detached property in St Albans to help remedy their issue.

We came up with a solution of installing HD cameras with Infra Red night vision and linking them back to one main central position. Using very reliable high speed WiFi bridge network transmission. This enabled all the various vulnerable areas to be covered with minimal fuss or disruption.

The client can also use mobile devices to view their CCTV from home, work or any location worldwide. The effect of CCTV being installed on this site has dramatically reduced the level of crime that was taking place on the street and has given the owners and other residents peace of mind.

Andrews Field Aerodrome – Essex

  • Commercial CCTV camera installation
  • 6 IP Cameras installed
  • DVR Hybrid system set up
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Caught On Cameras installation of 6 IP cameras. Wireless nano beams, flat screen monitor and 16 channel DVR Hybrid system to link up existing analogue cameras and the new IP cameras around the Aerodrome & Buildings