Can I Record Sound on my Surveillance Cameras?

Everywhere you go, there are CCTV cameras taking record of everyone passing because security is important to businesses and homeowners and evidence is one sure way to combat wrongdoing. If you’re considering whether just image is enough and whether you’d gain from recording sound, read on.

Cameras in the workplace

Can I record sound on my surveillance cameras? - Caught on Camera

There are reasons why audio can not be recorded in the workplace – both practically and legally. It is in fact, illegal to record workers conversations without them knowing or accepting that they are being monitored.

Audio CCTV in the workplace is massively expensive, which is why the majority of CCTV cameras do not have microphone attachments – this helps to keep manufacturing costs down. It is unethical and illegal to record conversations without consent within the workplace as it is intrusive and violates the Right to Privacy section of the HRA 1998 or the British Bill of Rights.

The practical issues with trying to record sound in the workplace is that there will be a lot of interference, with so much going on, it’ll be hard to pick up anything worthwhile, and therefore, a decent audio recording camera would become  costly and complicated to install.

Q: Could I use audio recordings in the workplace to protect the company and its people?

A: In places like a call centre, audio recordings are commonly used for training purposes but CCTV audio can feel intrusive to employees unless it is used to benefit both them and the company.

If you want to install CCTV audio you must meet ICO’s criteria.

When audio CCTV is useful in the workplace

Audio CCTV can be useful in public facing job roles where a person might be vulnerable such as a till worker, bus or cab driver.

Cameras at home

Can I record sound on my surveillance cameras? - Caught on Camera

Recording audio and CCTV at home is basically up to you and here, the law is much less restricting because it’s your property, your privacy and your rights. Audio cameras might be installed in the home to be used when you’re away on holiday, for total peace of mind. If the cameras are on all of the time, it’s important to speak with family and friends who enter the home to make them aware of this. Ideally, audio CCTV is best used when you’re away, so you just capture what you really need in the event of a break in. This will help you to retrieve the important footage you can use to identify criminals and secure justice.

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