How CCTV is Used in Crime Investigations

CCTV is one of the most useful assets for a successful crime investigation. Across multiple studies, CCTC has been shown to be an effective deterrent and investigative tool. In this article, we take a look at the ways in which CCTV is used in crime investigations.


Reviewing the footage

CCTV has come a long way since the grainy black-and-white images used in old crime dramas. These days, CCTV cameras can record in full-colour high definition.  Position your CCTV strategically and it will record evidence of any wrongdoing. In fact, useful CCTV has been linked with notably increased chances of crimes being resolved for almost all crimes.

Investigators can review the CCTV footage to help them put pieces of the puzzle together. In the case of a burglary, the footage will show the series of events unfold, the break-in method used and the entry and exit routes. In many cases, it provides critical evidence that confirms the culprit of a particular crime. 


Evidence in court

CCTV also plays a vital role in the courtroom. The footage recorded from the CCTV can be shown to a judge or jury as evidence for either the defence or the prosecution.

There are, however, some restrictions to what CCTV footage can be used. The footage must be clear and unambiguous and have been legally obtained. Any CCTV footage you capture must only be within your property boundary. Images beyond your property boundary such as a neighbour’s property or public road may be rejected as evidence.

Facial mapping

CCTV systems can be combined with advanced facial mapping technology to identify individuals from the footage. If the person on the CCTV footage isn’t clear, facial mapping technology can compare the facial proportions to that of a known suspect.

Gait analysis

Another forensic technique is to analyse the way that someone in CCTV walks to match them with a potential suspect. 

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