CCTV Trends 2022

As technology continues to improve, so too does our security. The past three decades have seen a dramatic improvement in domestic and commercial security, thanks to breakthrough innovations such as CCTV, wireless alarm systems and more. 2022 is set to take security to the next level, thanks to the latest developments in CCTV technology. Discover what’s in store this year with this month’s article.

Integrated hardware

Security panels aren’t new, but this year many of the big security companies are developing CCTV hardware that blends seamlessly into the home. You’ll be able to keep track of what’s going on outside your property using CCTV monitors such as the Echo Show 15 and the Samsung Frame television, both of which blend into your home when not in use. No longer needing a dedicated CCTV panel taking up wall space, the Samsung Frame transforms into a painting or photo of your choice when CCTV functionality isn’t required. 

IKEA and Sonos are also getting in on the act, by developing lamps with embedded speaker technology so that you can communicate with people on your doorstep without needing a separate control panel.


Artificial intelligence has been nothing short of revolutionary for the security industry, and this year it looks set to improve once again. AI will be the main driver of our CCTV this year, automatically performing intelligent functionality to keep us safe. AI will further optimise algorithms, improve computing performance and enhance semiconductor technology.


At over 100x the speed of modern-day 4G technology, 5G can be expected to be integrated into a wide range of devices. Many manufacturers are set to launch 5G CCTV cameras and systems. The technology dramatically increases the number of devices that can be simultaneously managed without compromising on downtime, meaning large enterprises can better monitor and secure their premises using high-quality video and data. 


Another common part of modern security systems will be seeing a further upgrade, as cloud computing is set to streamline our CCTV system even further. Cloud-hosting infrastructure allows users to store data without a local server or software. Users will be able to check their assets and businesses and accomplish emergency response more seamlessly than ever before. Security business operators can support their clients by configuring devices, fixing bugs and upgrading security systems.

Remote access

One of the most important innovations in CCTV technology is the capacity to view it on your smartphone or tablet. 

The iDMSS smartphone app provides a range of features to interact with your CCTV from anywhere in the world. Features of the app include:

  • Easy remote access using a task wheel and windows slide
  • View multiple CCTV camera feeds at once
  • Push notifications to alert you of motion detection at your property
  • Intelligently triggers the alarm when necessary

The iDMSS smartphone app is compatible with many of the CCTV systems available at Caught on Camera. 

We offer the latest digital CCTV equipment and provide full CCTV installation and maintenance. Our team can help you set up your CCTV system with your smartphone app and is always available for expert advice. Plus, our continuous after-sales support ensures downtime is kept to a minimum. It’s all available to customers in Cambridge, Essex, London and the surrounding areas.

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