CCTV Troubleshooting

CCTV systems can prove invaluable in a variety of different premises, but as with any other technology; they can have issues from time to time. In these instances, CCTV troubleshooting is important to know so that you can work out what the issue is, and get the system up and running again in no time at all.

CCTV Troubleshooting

CCTV Troubleshooting

Here, we run through the measures you can take and checks you can carry out to ensure that your CCTV system is running correctly:

Unfocused video

If your camera’s videos are fuzzy and/or unfocused, you may well need to re-focus your lens. In order to do this, locate the focus ring on your camera and turn it until the video adjusts, becoming sharper. If you find that your camera does not have a focusable lens, then its existing lens may need to be fixed or replaced by your camera’s provider or manufacturer.

Grainy picture

Since infrared video tends to be of a lower quality than a daytime video, it is natural for the picture produced by your CCTV camera to be slightly grainy, but if it gets excessive, this could be a sign of a problem.
The reasons behind your camera’s grainy picture could be:

  • power interference
  • a poorly terminated cable
  • a malfunctioning DVR

Ensure that no video cables run alongside power cables, making sure you build a bridge or gap between them. If this doesn’t help matters, check all connections between the camera and DVR, ensuring that they are all secure.

Poor vision at night

If your camera is not illuminating the area you require adequately, ensure that they IR LEDs are turned on at night, and if they are but there’s no improvement, contact your provider or manufacturer to ensure your camera is capable of functioning to the high standard you expect.

If you wish to go down an alternative route, you could even add an additional standalone infrared illuminator to your camera, providing illumination for security cameras at night.

Fed up of problems with your CCTV system?

Did you know you can solve a lot of the problems with a regular maintenance check? Check out our handy CCTV Maintenance Checklist.

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