Does a CCTV System Increase the Value of Your Home?

Security is something we all have to consider with regard to our homes. If you’re looking to buy a new house, one of the most important things you’ll be wanting is somewhere you and your family can feel safe. You might also want the confidence of knowing that your biggest asset is being well protected.

To that end, a good home security system seems like a good idea, even something that potential buyers might consider a useful extra worth paying more for.

But is that really true? Can a home security system actually add value to your home? In this article, we’re taking a look at how good an investment a CCTV system can be.

The benefits of a home CCTV system

We’ve looked before at how a good modern CCTV system can help make your home more secure, and we’ve discussed a range of useful benefits of getting one installed. These include:

  • Giving you peace of mind
  • Deterring would-be thieves and intruders
  • Providing evidence in the event of a crime
  • Allowing you to monitor your home remotely

But the really good news is that there are financial benefits, too.

The financial benefits of a home CCTV system

One immediate impact you’ll find in having a CCTV system is that there’s a very good chance that your home and contents insurance premiums could be significantly reduced – in some cases by as much as 20%.

That’s because visible CCTV security systems have been shown to be an effective way of cutting crime, and that means in turn that the insurance companies can be more confident that their money is also better protected.

That’s already good news – in September 2021, the average combined home and contents premiums in the UK stood at about £140 a year, but those in bigger properties or in areas where crime is a serious problem could be paying a lot more.

So, if you’re at the higher end of those home insurance costs, your savings could swiftly make a significant dent in the cost of installing CCTV at your home.

Does a CCTV system increase the value of your home?

This is where it gets even better, because research shows that a home CCTV security system can also increase the value of your home. It depends a lot on the size of your property and especially where you live, but in October 2021, smart home retailer Somfy demonstrated that, on average, UK homes are worth £10,900 more with a CCTV system than without.

Top of the pile was the city of Durham, mainly because it has a high crime rate, where property prices can increase by as much as £18,900 when they have a CCTV system. At the other end of the scale was York, a city with a very low crime rate, where property prices were barely changed – in fact by just £100.

But significant potential increases were recorded across the country, including:

  • Southampton – up by as much as £14,900
  • Lancaster – up by as much as £13,500
  • Bristol – up by as much as £12,100

When considering the financial benefits of home security, it’s also worth bearing in mind statistics released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in 2018, which showed that the average residential burglary costs £3,030.

All that adds up to the fact that home security can both save and make you money from the moment you get it installed.


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