Keeping Your Home Protected While on Holiday

Keeping Your Home Protected While on Holiday

The last thing you want when going away on holiday is to spend the trip worrying about what might happen to your home. While it’s true your home is more vulnerable when left vacant, there are plenty of simple ways you can improve security and deter potential intruders. Follow our tips for a stress-free holiday.


Don’t let them know you’re away


The most important tip for securing your home when going away is to disguise the fact you aren’t there. Criminals are far more likely to target a house if they know there is no one at the property, but just a few simple changes can make it seem like you’re home even when you’re not.


  • We recommend cutting the grass and trimming any hedges before you leave. An overgrown, unkempt garden is a clear indicator that no one is home.


  • Leave your curtains or blinds open slightly. While this may seem counterproductive, curtains or blinds that are slightly open are usually signs that someone is home — just don’t leave any valuables in sight.  
  • Use a timed light to have the lights in your house turn on at set intervals. You could also use smart lights so that you can manually turn your lights on and off from your smartphone. 
  • Cancel daily milk, newspapers and other subscriptions that will only pile up on your doorstep while you’re away. You could also speak to your neighbours prior to your departure and ask them to remove leaflets or other items that have been left on your doorstep. Just make sure  you ask someone you can trust!


  • Leave the radio on a discussion channel somewhere in the home. Should someone enter your home, they will hear the faint sound of voices and be more likely to retreat thinking that someone is home.


Keep valuables safe and out of sight


  • Keep valuables away from window sills or other areas that can be seen from outside the home. 
  • You’ll also want to keep valuables locked away and out of sight from inside the home just in case someone does enter. 
  • It might be wise to leave decoy valuables in an obvious place. A little bit of money and some non-valuable items might be enough to satisfy a potential intruder, leaving your real valuables safe and sound.


Keep tools and ladders locked away


  • Most burglars don’t keep tools on them because it is far too suspicious. Many will look for houses with accessible ladders or other tools that they can use to break in. Keep these items locked away and out of sight to prevent any passersby from getting any wild ideas.


Use a monitored alarm system


  • Monitored alarm systems are connected to an independent monitoring station where experts will keep track of your alarms 24/7. Should an alarm go off, you will be contacted along with the police or other relevant authorities if necessary. A monitored alarm system means that your alarm system will be monitored even when the property is vacant.


Install CCTV cameras


  • CCTV cameras can easily be installed on your property and will significantly reduce your chance of getting burgled. CCTV cameras and alarm systems are considered to be the most effective deterrents against breaking and entering. 
  • Use CCTV systems that integrate with a mobile app so that you can review the footage at any time and from anywhere. 
  • Should someone enter your home while you’re away, your CCTV camera will record the culprit and provide vital evidence that can be handed to the police. Even in the worst case scenario that a CCTV fails to deter a burglar, the evidence it records may still help you to retrieve any stolen goods and bring the criminal to justice.



Caught on Camera provides burglar alarms and home CCTV cameras across Essex, London and the South East region. Our qualified team of CCTV specialists designs full, bespoke systems that are tailor made to your needs. If you’re going away on holiday and need security for your home, trust the experts. Contact the Caught on Camera team and let us protect your home.