Security Tips for Living Alone

Security Tips for Living Alone

Living on your own is liberating, but it also comes at a cost. While there is no one around to argue about whose turn it is to take out the bins, there’s also no one around to protect you. If you live by yourself, it’s important you take extra precautions to keep yourself safe.

Following just a few basic safety tips can dramatically reduce your chances of being burgled. If you’re currently living on your own, this article is for you. Take a look at some of our most important tips for staying safe in your home.

  • Install a monitored home security system

There may be no one to watch your back at home, but that doesn’t mean someone can’t watch your back remotely. Monitored home security systems are connected to an independent monitoring station, where experts will monitor your system and alert you to any triggered alarms. 

Monitoring stations operate 24/7, so whether you’re in the property or away on holiday, you and the relevant authorities will be alerted to a problem.

  • Install a CCTV camera

Countless studies have found that security cameras and alarm systems are the most effective deterrents against breaking and entering. Installing a home CCTV system can reduce your chance of being burgled by approximately 50%.

Not only do they serve as a deterrent, but CCTV cameras will record evidence of the culprit should they break into your home. This footage can be handed to the police for investigation, and you’ll be more likely to retrieve any stolen goods.

Home security cameras used to be considered a luxury, but advancements in technology have made security cameras suitable for all budgets. Choose between HD cameras and cameras that integrate with your smartphone for round-the-clock CCTV access.

  • Get yourself a dog

Dogs are man’s best friend. Not only will they keep you company when you feel lonely, but they also serve as loyal protectors. Dogs will often bark to alert you if strangers are nearby, and burglars are less likely to enter if they notice there is a dog at the premises.

Some dogs are better protectors than others. If protection is an important part of buying a dog, you may want to try the following breeds:

  • Bullmastiff
  • Doberman 
  • Rottweiler
  • Komondor
  • Schnauzer
  • German Shepherd 
  1. Don’t let them know you aren’t home

Most burglaries are opportunistic and occur when the burglar discovers that there is no one at the property. A simple but effective way to deter criminals is to make it seem as though someone is home even when the property is vacant. This might mean leaving a light on or keeping a radio running so that it sounds like there are voices from within the home.

  1. Install motion sensors

Motion sensors such as the MotionProtect Plus detect movement inside a property and immediately notify the owner. Wireless motion detectors are easy to set up and offer intelligent protection against false alarms. The MotionProtect Plus is also immune to pets, meaning you don’t have to worry about your cat or dog accidentally triggering the alarm.


At Caught on Camera, we may not be able to provide you with a dog, but we can provide you with motion sensors, CCTV cameras and monitored alarm systems suitable for your budget. With decades of experience in the industry and as one of the South East’s leading providers of digital CCTV systems, Caught on Camera can create a digital setup that is specifically tailored to your requirements. We offer CCTV installation, a wide range of products and professional maintenance to ensure you’re protected at all times.

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