What To Do if You’ve Been Burgled

What To Do if You’ve Been Burgled

Regardless of whether it’s your home or your business, being burgled is a distressing situation to find yourself in. For this reason, it can also be difficult to know what you should do when it happens, with panic and adrenaline often setting in.

Thefts and robberies may have dropped during the recent pandemic, but are set to rise to previous levels – and possibly higher – given that some criminals may be looking to make up for the lost time. 

However, at Caught on Camera, we want to let you know we’ll always be here for your security needs – plus, we’ve got a short guide to what to do if you have been burgled. The following are some of the steps we recommend to get you through this distressing time:


  • Contact the police

The first thing you should do when your property has been burgled is call the police. It’s recommended you call the 101 number if there is no immediate danger. The police can give you a Crime Reference Number which will be required by your contents insurance provider in order for you to make a claim.

The sooner you report a crime, the better chance the police have of recovering any stolen items. It also helps your community if there’s a potential crime spree – burglars may be trying the same thing at other properties in the area and your report could help them spot patterns to apprehend the criminals.


  • Don’t touch anything

It’s tempting to try and restore some order by tidying and pottering so that you can get on with your life, but don’t touch anything. Resist the urge to tidy and leave the scene as it is; instead, take photos to document missing items, broken windows and doors as proof for any insurance claims.


  • Cancel cards

If you find any of your credit or debit cards missing, call the bank immediately to report them as stolen. Most banks will cancel your cards to prevent any unauthorised access to your accounts.

You should also consider any devices that have been stolen with links to your bank accounts. This includes laptops, tablets and phones – you may need to report this to your bank so they can monitor for suspicious activity or help change your details, thereby locking stolen devices out.


  • Write a list

While it might still be a distressing time, try to go through your property and note down any missing items to create an inventory of what has been stolen for the police. Check for the following key items:

  • Keys
  • Electronics
  • Jewellery
  • Wallets and purses
  • Watches
  • Loose cash
  • Passports and other documents
  • Sentimental items

If you have photos of any of these items to help police identify them, let them know.


  • Call your insurer

If you haven’t already, it’s time to call your insurer and let them know what has happened. Don’t forget your crime number from the police, along with any receipts you might have for stolen items – this will help to process any home insurance claim when the time comes for a loss adjuster to visit. If you also have buildings insurance, be sure to let them know about property damage, as they may be able to arrange for an emergency locksmith service if required.


  • Secure your building

Whether it’s your home, your office or your warehouse, if you’ve been burgled then you’ll no doubt want to prevent it from happening again in future. Make sure your locks are changed if keys were stolen – it might even be worth investing in better locks for your premises at this point. 

In addition, to help deter criminals in the future, or catch them in the act, bolster your property with home CCTV systems and motion sensor burglar alarms – you can even get specially adapted commercial CCTV systems for your business. 


  • Get support

If you, your family or anyone in your business has been left shaken by the burglary, take steps to provide support. Victim Support (08 08 16 89 111 ) in England and Wales offers a variety of services, including free counselling and advice for anyone affected.


Find out more about how you can protect your home or business with CCTV systems and other security systems by contacting our professional team. Whether you’ve been the victim of a home burglary, commercial burglary or you’re thinking ahead to try and prevent such activity, we have the experience to help. Our security cameras and CCTV installations come with service and maintenance cover for 12 months and we operate across Essex, London, Epping, Barnet, Cambridge and the surrounding areas.