10 Reasons You Need IP CCTV for Business

This month with Caught On Camera Ltd, we will be discussing the 10 reasons why you need internet protocol CCTV for the good of your business.

Security, CCTV camera for office building at night in London.

CCTV for Business

Let’s face it, all businesses should be equipped even with the most basic of security because it protects your livelihood and others’. This being said, a slightly more expensive kit-out can be cost-effective and provide you with numerous advantages to make your life easier and stress-free.

What is IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV?

IP CCTV (Internet Protocol Closed Circuit Television): this is a digital video camera that records live footage. It uses your WiFi to send you notifications wherever you are, should your alarm be tripped.

1. Analogue CCTV is outdated

It costs more to keep old systems running due to maintenance costs of upgrades and replacements. These old systems become more unreliable with time. This is why it’s important to start looking elsewhere in case your current system fails you at a time when you need it most.

2. Video Analytics

IP CCTV can record a vast amount of footage, this is ideal because nowadays it seems unnecessary and costly to employ someone to watch the footage at all times. Realistically the only time we need to check the footage, is when a crime happens which if you’re lucky, could be – never! This software will notify you should your alarm go off, putting the power back into your hands. This then gives you the ability to check your cameras to see what’s going on and allows you to decide what steps to take next.

3. Remote monitoring

There are many benefits of remote monitoring, such as you can check the cameras wherever you are, so should you be alerted that there’s a problem, you can use any device to monitor and check the cameras situated on the premises. Ideal for those who travel with work, even if you’re not there you have full knowledge of what’s going on.

4. Easy to install

You can simply plug-in, and get everything up and running within a matter of minutes. Should you wish to access the cameras on other devices, you will need to download simple software but this will only take a few moments.

5. Scalable and flexible

You can change the scale with absolute ease and should you want more cameras placed in hard-to-see places, they can add them one by one as you wish. Much better than the previous systems where you had to go up by either four or sixteen at one time! You also have flexibility, with the choice of a wired or wireless connection.

6. Use your existing infrastructure

If you’re taking down your old analogue system, then keep the basic structures that were keeping it in place – a great way to minimise some of the cost.

7. Cost effective

There’s no need to keep upgrading your old system when there’s a brand new IP CCTV that’ll keep watch 24/7 for you, without the need to employ the extra security. You also may save yourself the extra costs should you have a break-in, when burglars hear the alarm they generally want to get out as soon as possible; saving you potential time sorting out insurance over stolen property. Also this reduces the chance of having to close down for any period of time because the problem can be solved immediately with your cameras.

8. Regulatory compliance

Many companies must retain footage for a set period of time. Storage of the old systems are dangerous as it has to be stored on site, whereas the new system’s footage is stored using an NVR (Network Video Recorder) which is incredibly safer.

9. Image quality

IP CCTV has a better resolution than analogue, which is exactly what you need to ensure you can see a quality image that can zoom in on faces. Ideal for catching criminal activity.

10. Reliable and durable

IP CCTV security is certainly a high-tech security system that’s high-res, convenient, compact, flexible and cost effective. You already know that it’s superior and that you can count on the reliability and durability of the system. Should you decide on securing your property with IP CCTV, contact a professional to provide you with first-rate installation too.

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