CCTV Remote Surveillance Guide Part 1: What is Remote Monitoring?

Are you worried about the security of your premises after hours? Are you wanting to make the most out of your CCTV system? Remote monitoring may be the solution you’re searching for.

CCTV Remote Surveillance Guide

This surveillance method sends the images from your cameras to remote monitoring stations that are full of professionals dedicated to detecting suspicious activities at your site. This technique is popular due to the enhanced security it offers, along with its advantage of immediately alerting the emergency services. In part 1 of our CCTV remote surveillance guide, we will be exploring how remote monitoring works, and what the key features are.

What is Remote Monitoring?

CCTV cameras are a powerful way to deter would-be criminals from breaking and entering, and remote monitoring only amplifies this power. Remote monitoring uses an internet connection to take the images your CCTV cameras are picking up, and send them to an external remote monitoring station. These stations are specifically designed to respond rapidly to any suspicious activity, protecting your business or property from criminal damage.

How does Remote Monitoring work?

Most services allow you to tailor when you use the service, e.g. a 24/7 monitoring, or after work monitoring. The process works in several easy steps;

  • An internet connection sends the images from your cameras to screens located in an external remote monitoring station.
  • When unusual activity is identified by the system, the unfolding incident will appear on the screen of a security professional. This expert will then manually monitor the scene, and manipulate cameras by zooming and maneuvering them to achieve the best footage possible. This also prevents the intruders from trying to escape the cameras’ blind spots.
  • A loudspeaker will be used to communicate with the intruders, which is often enough to make them flee.
  • The emergency services will be called from the monitoring station, along with anyone else that you wish to be notified.

What are the features of Remote Monitoring?

  • It grants your security cameras the ability to be moved and manipulated remotely, allowing you to achieve the best possible angle for the circumstances.
  • The intelligent video analysis offered by these surveillance systems eliminates the need for an on site guard, which saves you money.
  • The greatest benefit is the peace of mind it gives you, knowing that your site is being closely monitored by professionals.
  • Staff at these remote monitoring stations are trained and licensed to SIA (Security Industry Authority) standards.
  • A fantastic feature of these systems is the audio warning that is given to intruders, often dissuading them from continuing with the crime.

Now you know how remote surveillance can upgrade the security of your site, next month we will be examining the key benefits of remote monitoring systems.

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